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On the surface, Sua Bali may seem like any other sensitively designed tourist complex. The difference lies in its indigenous philosophy, one that has been formative in creating a unique ambience within the compound and which is expressed outwardly by the harmonious relationship between Sua Bali, the local community and the visitors.

There is no magic formula to Sua Bali's success. It is merely the result of taking what is positive about tourism while at the same time consciously avoiding the negative. The local population reaps economic benefits and the visitor has the opportunity to understand and experience local socio-cultural values.

Sua Bali is a path-breaking project. It has demonstrated how small-scale tourism can be carefully and positively developed in a previously untouched area and how the local economy profits thereby.

The need for projects of this nature is amply reflected by both Sua Bali's success, and by the results of surveys of tourists. The demand for solutions to the tourism problem will certainly increase in the future and the Sua Bali project provides a valuable blueprint for other potential projects in the tourism industry, namely:

  • The training concept, which is based on traditional Balinese behavioural patterns
  • The visiter information programme
  • Promotion of local awareness and participation
  • Environmentally sensitive construction

These elements can be incorporated into all tourist projects, regardless of size and scale and can provide tangible as well as spiritual benefits for all pariticpants. While it cannot solve all the problems associated with tourism, Sua Bali serves as a definitive role model, by creating a new approach to tourism and certainly valuable experiences to those involved.

Bali, March 1996
Ida Ayu Agung Mas

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