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The best form of tourism is based on a two-way relationship, one where the hosts benefit as must as the guests. Sua Bali bases all of its activities within the local community, from providing employment to villagers to using materials found locally to build the premises. Education in the community is also a vital part of Sua Bali's mission.

Guests during their stay become a part of the village. Everyday one dollar per guest is donated to the village for use in temple festivals, and to a support fund for villagers who may find themselves in need. Guests then enjoy the feeling of being welcomed in the village. It is this acknowledgement of the disparity between those in the developed world with those in Bali, and the creation of a bridge to that gap that makes Sua Bali an important project.

Sua Bali also reaches out to the larger community of Bali to include members of the local government, university students na lectures as well as NGO activists engaged in creating a better life for the people of Indonesia.

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