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Understanding is the key to a fulfilling experience in Bali, and Sua Bali offers the opportunity to learn not just customs, but the philosophy behind them.

Sua Bali is located in Kemenuh, a traditional village with a wealth of artisans and craftspeople. Overlooking a secluded river gorge and waterfall, the compound is surrounded by lush tropical forest on one side and rice field vistas on the other. It is the ideal place to call home while in Bali.

Seven traditional bales serve as guest accommodations. Modeled after typical Balinese houses, the guest bungalows have been furnished with screens to allow for natural ventilation. Each has its own spectacular view of the surrounding tropical landscape.

In addition to the guest houses, the Sua Bali compound includes a kitchen and dining room where guests have the opportunity to meet one another. There is also a multifunctional pavillion used for language courses and seminars on Balinese culture. It is also the site for impromptu discussions on Balinese lifestyle and culture.

Several smaller bales can be found throughout the compound which are used by the guests to relax, read, write or just enjoy the sounds of life in Bali.
Daily life at Sua Bali is a relaxed affair. Service is personal but never intrusive. Most guests choose to stay for a while and use Sua Bali as a base from which to explore the rest of the island.
Sua Bali’s range of activities makes it a unique place to spend a holiday in Bali. It is much more than just a place to stay for conventional sightseeing tours in a foreign part of the world.



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