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1.     Economic Benefits for the Local Population

Employment and Training

  • 8-10 permanent jobs = 120 months/year
  • Generation of a total of some 300 men/months labour through construction work on the Sua Bali premises
  • Training for employees from the village based on a combination of high quality tourist service and a traditional Balinse household. Thus far 30-40 persons from the village and environs have received training at Sua Bali
  • Training in office management


  • Revenues for the village inhabitants generated by the purchase of almost all construction materials (80-90%) in the village or regional market.
  • Revenues from the sale of locally made handicrafts to Sua Bali guests.
  • Creation of the Village Support Fund. Every visitor pays USD1 per night into the village support fund, which is used to fund temple festivals, temple renovation, ceremonies, social welfare, support in emergencies, road building and other infrastructure projects. Over USD5,000 has been paid into the fund. A further USD 3,000 has been donated voluntarily.


2.     Avoiding/Minimizing Socio-culturral and Environment Damage

Involvement with the local community

  • Painting competition in the village school on the theme of tourism.
  • Discussions with teachers in the local school about tourism in Bali.
  • Discussion with young villagers on tourism.
  • Incorportation of local artists as instructors in the Sua Bali programme (for wood carving, painting, batik courses).
  • Information for visitors regarding behaviour in the village (see also Visitor Programme).

Involvement with the Village Council

  • Active communication with the Village Council regarding the scope and form of participation of Sua Bali guests in village ceremonies/festivals.
  • Active participation with village affairs via the Village Council.

Site and Construciton of Sua Bali

  • Situated on the edge of the village
  • Strict use of local building techniques, using local materials
  • Use of environmentally friendly construction methods.


3.     Visitor Programmes

  • Regular formal and informal discussions with visitors about Balinese culture Information about culturally sensitive behaviour
  • Visitor courses (language, cooking, craft skills)
  • Arrangement of special courses/seminars about aspects of life in Bali
  • Extensive library on Balinese culture
  • Provision of contact with local inhabitants
  • Access to extensive network of acidic and professional community in Bali
  • Trip/Excursion planning assistance for individuals or small groups

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