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Sua Bali is the place to experience the guiding philosophy of Balinese life:

for the individual to achieve balance and harmony between personal interests, the community and the environment.

Unfortunately, many tourist facilities in Bali are set up to accommodate the masses, and while they may offer five-star facilities, they exist outside of "Bali" and are unable to practice this philosophy, much less provide a place in which to experience it. Tourists who stay in these places get a very superficial impression of the island, as much of their time is spent gazing at the landscape from tour buses.

Sua Bali has created a form of tourism that benefits rather than damages Bali. At the same time, Sua Bali provides an opportunity for visitors to understand what makes Balinese culture so unique and precious and helps each guest achieve his or her personal ambition while on the island, whatever that may be. Guests are immersed in Balinese daily life, and so the tourist experience is harmonious for the guest, the hosts and the environment. The experience becomes a philosophy that guests can thane home with them, which is far more priceless than a photograph or tourist trinket.




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